Major League Hacking 2024 Hackathon Season

Meet the Team

Emily Crabtree

HackBI VII Co-Director

Hey👋! My name is Emily, I'm one of the Co-Directors this year and super excited for my 3rd year on the HackBI Team! Data science, cybersecurity, and AI enthusiast, and not brag but I'm the best at any race car game around. In my little to no free time, I like playing soccer, hanging out with my friends and dog Sunny, watching cars go fast around funny shapes, learning new skills, and reading. You may mistake me for being a lost middle schooler and I take that very personally (just kidding... maybe). I also made the website, and added the easter egg. About that... go check out Mary Kate and Alexa's bios. Happy Hacking!!!

Calvin Hall

HackBI VII Co-Director

Hello! I am Calvin! I am one of the co-directors for HackBI VII. I enjoy wrestling, the outdoors, rock climbing, learning, reading, and meeting new people. I also have a dog named Ernie who is the best.

Cassie Page

Admin Team Leader

Hey, my name is Cassie, I’m the Admin team leader this year and thrilled to be back with HackBI! As this is my second year on the team, I have been involved with HackBI since Middle School! Cybersecurity, policy, local government and army enthusiast but happiest on the beach! I look forward to seeing everyone this year – if I don’t have a coffee cup beware LOL! Go ARMY beat NAVY!

Nora Hixson

Admin Team

Hello! My name is Nora Hixson, and I am excited to join the admin team for this year’s HackBI. When I am not coding, I enjoy my other passions: theater, swimming, and sleeping. Do I have any clue what I am doing? No. Will I have a clue by the end of this Hack? Hopefully! But I have worked in java for two years now, and if I can handle that I can handle anything.

Mary Kate Costello

Admin Team

Hi, my name is Mary Kate and I’m thrilled to be helping with HackBI for the first time this year! Aside from programming, I enjoy swimming, playing tennis, traveling, and flying small planes (yes, I’ve done that before :) I look forward to helping you at HackBI VII and I hope you enjoy the hackathon! (Hint: I wonder who else on the HackBI team enjoys swimming as well?)

Mack Lodewick

Marketing and Design Team Leader

Hey guys! My name is Mack, and I am currently a senior here at Ireton. This will be my third Hackathon. Outside of the classroom, you can find me on the volleyball court or at the gym. This year I will be leading the marketing and design team so make sure you look picture-perfect!

Maddie Cunningham

Marketing and Design Team

Hello! My name is Madeline Cunningham but you can call me Maddie. This is my first year on the HackBI team, and I help with Designs and Marketing. I like playing volleyball and video games, as well as reading and drawing. I’m excited to participate in this awesome event!

Sofia Meller

Marketing and Design Team

Heyy!! I’m Sofia and I’m excited to become a part of the design team for Hack BI. In my free time I dance, play my guitar and talk to my plants. You can find me jumping around and chatting with my fav, Ms. Briody. I hope you enjoy the hackathon- please come and say hi!

Annaliese Ludvigson

Marketing and Design Team

Hi! I’m Annaliese and I can’t wait to be on the HackBI team this year! I am a junior on the design and marketing team, but I will also hopefully be helping with events as well. You can usually find me out on the water or reading books (my favorite thing).

Alexa Charuhas

Marketing and Design Team

Alexa, what’s the weather looking like? Cloudy with a chance of programming! I’m Alexa Charuhas and I am thrilled to be working on the design and marketing team as well as co-leading some workshops for HackBI this year. I am a dedicated junior who works hard at anything that comes my way. In my free time, you can find me playing my guitar or sleeping. Can’t wait to see you at the event! (Hint: I wonder who else on the HackBI team enjoys sleeping too?)

Virginia Cheatham

Marketing and Design Team

Virginia is excited to be working on the design and marketing team for HackBI VII! She’s hoping she can make this just as exciting for you.

Marco Cecchi-Rivas

Logistics Team Leader

His name is Marco, but his friends just call him Marco. Besides solving world hunger, he can often be found playing soccer and basketball, spending time with family, and procrastinating on his homework. A programming wiz, he is happy to be helping with Hack BI and hopes everyone has a splendid time.

Matthew Antonio

Logistics Team

Vroom vroom, buckle up hackers; my name is Matthew, and I am happy to be at your service. I am elated to be part of the logistics team for the second time. My knowledge of computer science is 20 times that of Aidan's. However, his knowledge is zero so mine is also zero. However, I will give 100 percent to everyone participating. If you need any math or engineering help, do not be afraid to ask. And remember, "Someone doesn't run out of time, they run out of knowledge." - Tim Gordon. Cheers and Happy Hacking!


Joe Lentini

Logistics Team

HELLO! My name is Joe Lentini and I am super excited to be on the logistics team this year. Even though this is my first year on the team, I have participated in the last 3 Hackathons here at BI. Freshman year, my team succeeded in winning HackBI IV’s best beginner Hack, and last year, my team won HackBI VI’s top prize. So if you have any questions about what HackBI is like, I am your guy. In my free time I am usually in some pool, watching movies, or sleeping. 😁

Andrew Matherne

Logistics Team

What's up guys, my name’s Andrew, and I’m here to ensure this year’s Hackathon is the best one yet. It doesn’t matter if you can’t tell your shoelaces from your spaghetti; there’s a place for everyone here to explore the wonderful world of computer science. You might be asking, who is Andrew Matherne? How can he make such promises? On what authority does he speak? For the blind, He is the vision. For the hungry, He is the chef. For the thirsty, He is the water. But above all, For computer science, He’s the optimist.

Sean Haskell

Logistics Team

Hello I’m Sean and you may refer to me as the resident ginger. I play baseball and I love to learn. I am striving to involve myself more in the BI community. This is my first year on the HackBI team and I am excited to help out and grow as a leader.

Emilio Burneo

Logistics Team

Hi, my name is Emilio, and I am a sophomore at Bishop Ireton. I attended HackBI VI, and I am excited to be part of the logistics team for HackBI VII! In my free time I play piano and run cross country.

Michael Bobrowski

Events Team Leader

Hello, I am Michael Bobrowski, a junior at Bishop Ireton High School, and this is my second year on the HackBI team. I only program in pure programming languages, not joke languages like python. Outside of programming, I play baseball, swim on the Bishop Ireton swim team, and run on the cross-country team. I use Arch, by the way.

Rory McGuire

Events Team

Hello everyone, and welcome to HackBI VII! I am a junior working with the events team. I’ve participated in HackBI for the past three years, but now I’m joining ranks with some of the finest of BI as part of the HackBI team. I look forward to helping to run HackBI VII this year and I can’t wait until January!

Dagmawi Atsedeweyn

Events Team

HI, I am Dagmawi, a senior at Bishop Ireton, and I am excited to be part of the HackBI team. I like computers. Aside from that, I play football (not the American one). I am also interested in cyber security – specifically red teaming. So, if you are looking to hack something let me know.

Travis Mulder

Events Team

Hi, I am Travis, a rising sophomore. I play soccer and basketball at BI. I am excited to be on the Hack BI team. Last year was my first Hack BI and I had a lot of fun. I hope everyone has a great time!

Ethan Miller

Events Team

Hey, I’m Ethan and I’m super excited to be a part of the HackBI team! I am a rising sophomore at Bishop Ireton who is taking CSA this year. Outside of programming, I am part of the school band, I am an Eagle scout, and I have the Tetris high score of my old middle school (of 800 people, but 812,000 isn’t that bad). Also, if you want to talk about Tears of the Kingdom, I’m your guy.

Patrick Kessmeier

Events Team

I am Patrick. I am a sophomore at BI, and I program. I have been doing this for a while so if you need help ask. I use C# because everything else is bad. I also row crew and make VR games in my free time. 👍

Maria Mate

Middle School Team Leader

Hi! I'm Maria and I am a Senior this year! I am on the Middle School Team and this is my third year working in HackBI. When I'm not at school, you can find me biking with friends or watching T.V. at home. I am so excited for this year's hackathon!

Bella Miller

Middle School Team

Hello! My name is Bella Miller, and I am a senior this year! This is my second year running HackBI. I will be working with the middle schoolers. I enjoy coding with python and java, along with building computers. I look forward to hacking with you all! :)

Sam Battaglia

Middle School Team

Hi everyone! I’m Sam and this is my second year on the HackBI team. In my free time, I enjoy playing hockey, reading, and arguing with my friends.

Joe Murray

Middle School Team

Hey guys, My names Joseph Murray. When I’m not wasting away in front of my computer, I’m out doing much more fun things, like soccer and hanging out with my friends. I’m super excited to be a part of this year’s HackBI. I can’t wait to help you learn some code.

Aidan Kelleher

Middle School Team

Heya, name’s Aidan Kelleher, all I know about this coding stuff is that pythons are a type of snake and C++ is what my report card looks like, but hey I’m here to have fun and that’s what matters. If you put everything there is to know about computers and coding into one person, then you would have one very smart person who most likely has very few friends. I’m a lot like this person, except I don’t know anything about coding. Keeping the Kelleher bloodline alive #familia

Bradley Khong

Middle School Team

Hi! My name’s King Khong. I love math, physics and logic in general (you can call me a nerd, I know), and I’m thrilled to be on the HackBI team. The programming languages I specialize in the most are Java, Python, and now Kotlin (doing an independent study in Mobile App Development, if you need anything, hit me up). Outside of CS, I like to play piano, and I do Taekwondo.