Meet the HackBI Team

William Mueller

Will is in charge of everything. I can't really say anything about him–he has a tendency to make people disappear without reason.

Franky Padilla Coo

Franky is helping with everything. Last year, she worked with the middle schoolers. For some reason, she didn't want to do that again.

Critter Johnson

Critter has an Amazon Echo. If you need to talk to him, he responds to "Alexa."

Gaby Garcia

Gaby is keeping our social media up to date. Well...up to month.

Max Dodson

Max maintains the website. Don't waste your time finding the easter egg he hid on this page.

Wali Shaikh

Wali is in charge of food. You might want to bring your own, just in case.

David Burdick

David is helping with the middle school hackathon. Wish him luck.

Matthew Burdick

Matthew is helping coordinate our adult volunteers, some of whom will be judging. No, I haven't asked if he accepts bribes.

Jomar Roque

Jomar is also helping with the middle school hackathon. He'll blend right in!

Emily Ambery

Emily is in charge of swag for the event. Yolo. Swag. Yolo. Swag.

Sarah Fleming

This Sarah is helping with social media and photography. Is it a bad sign that her face is underexposed in a simple portrait?

Sarah Payne

This Sarah is helping with registration and takes notes at our meetings. Not only that, she also plays with leaves apparently?

Ryan Grant

Ryan is making sure we stay within budget. He's probably not the best to be handling money, but whatever.

Courtney Quinn

Courtney is helping with the middle school hackathon as well. She's still not the last person doing that...

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