January 22-23, 2022



HackBI is a 24-hour hackathon by students, for students. You'll learn new things, collaborate with others, and make your idea come to life! Keep scrolling for the key info in our FAQ.





Frequently Asked Questions

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How is HackBI responding to COVID-19?

We are going to be a fully in-person event for Hack BI V, all hackers will be required to wear a mask. We will not be doing an overnight event due to the increase in cases. Instead, hackers will come in on Saturday, go home during the night, and come back Sunday. Hackers are encouraged to continue hacking when they go home. See the update for more information.

What is HackBI?

HackBI is a student-run hackathon at Bishop Ireton High School. You'll have 24 hours to learn a variety of new things through our workshops, collaborate, and create a project!

What is a hackathon?

Hackathons are fun events in which teams and individuals create their own custom programming projects to showcase and potentially win prizes for!

Why should I come to HackBI?

Whether you've never programmed before or have been doing it for a few years, HackBI will be a great place to better your skills, learn new things, and meet new people - all while having a lot of fun doing so! Plus, we'll have games, raffles, free food and more!

Do I need any programming experience to come?

No! HackBI is the perfect place to learn! We'll have workshops throughout the event to teach you new things.

Who can attend HackBI?

HackBI is open to all high schoolers, who will do a full 24 hours of hacking, and middle schoolers, who hack for a day.

If you're an adult and would like to come, consider volunteering!

How much does HackBI cost?

HackBI is completely free!

Are there prizes?

Of course! There will be prizes for each category given to each individual in a team (4 people max). The grand prize will be a paid summer internship at Decipher Technology Studios!

What should I bring?

A computer and charger.

Do I need to come with a team?

You can come with a pre-determined team if you want. If you're coming individually, there will be an opportunity at the beginning to join a team if you'd like.



Learn how to use HTML and CSS to design a website!

Java GUI

Learn how to make graphical interfaces with components such as buttons, labels, and windows!


Enhance your website with JavaScript or use it on its own!


Use Photoshop to edit photos professionally!


Learn a simple yet robust language used by beginners and experts alike!

App Inventor

Create basic apps easily with App Inventor!


Learn how to code with one of the most popular programming languages!


Work with circuit boards and learn to solder!

Advanced Java

Use your Java skills to learn more complex concepts!


Make interactive websites with React!


Learn how to use GitHub, GitBash, and some basic commands!

Design Principles

Learn about color theory, alignment, design trends, and more!
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Swift with XCode

Learn how to make iOS apps with XCode and Swift! (Macs only)

Women in Science

Meet and greet! Come and chat with other female coders and get a girl's perspective on the opportunities out there specifically for women.
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Dive into graphic design with Adobe Illustrator!

Robotics (Robot C/Vex)

Learn the basics of robots with this Robots C workshop!

Robots (Java/Finch)

Make finch robots do anything you want with Java!

Unity (Basics & Advanced)

Come to either our basics Unity or advanced Unity workshops to develop games!

Hardware with Python

Learn how to code onto a Raspberry Pi with Python!

Electronics Connections

Learn about electricity and circuits in this engineering workshop!

Workshop Schedule

All workshops are on January 22, 2022
Times Room 1:
Room 2:
Room 3:
Room 4:
Room 5:
11:00 AM Java Javascript AI/ML Python Github Electronics Basic Connections
12:45 PM Java GUI HTML Intro to Cyber Security Design Principles -- Soldering
2:30 PM Java Advanced Data Science AppInventor Hardware with Python Unity Basics --
5:15 PM Robots (Java/Finch) -- Swift/Xcode Photoshop/Photopea Unity Advanced --
7:15 PM -- React -- Intro to Illustrator -- Robotics (Robot C/Vex)

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