Introductory Go Programming: The Basics of Gopherism

Go has taken the software industry by storm, becoming one of the fastest growing system languages of all time! In this talk, we will focus in the basics of the Go language, and why it has become a feature-focused, powerful language that the open-source community has enthusiastically adopted!

Online Notebooks: Jupiter and Khan Academy

Jupyter Notebooks are used for serious work in machine learning and graphical data analysis, and can be used online so that your work is easy to reproduce. Khan Academy has a simpler online environment that is good for graphics and animation.

How to Read and Understand Everything

This talk is about how to read --- more voraciously, faster, and with better retention. I mean to teach you why technical papers are harder to read than Harry Potter, and what we can do about it.

Functional JavaScript: How I Learned to Think Twice and Write Once

Functional programming is scary, but it has the potential to revolutionize your thinking. I'll discuss the tenents of the powerful paradigm and apply it to the world's most popular language: Javascript.


A simple yet fun programming language that makes game creation fun and simple.

Java GUI

By using a very well known language, Java, you can create images and other programs with a graphical side.

App Inventor

Learn how to create apps with this simple program!


Python, although a simple language, is used for beginners and with experts. It can be used to make AI, although this workshop isn't quite that difficult.

Alexa Skills

Learn how to program an Amazon Alexa to do custom things for you!

Android Studio

A more advanced language for creating android based apps!

Intro to Java

A helpful introduction for all those interested in getting started with a good programming language for anything you want to do.

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