Meet the HackBI Team

Jared Ponmakha

Jared's the head student coordinator of HackBI. He'll be running a workshop on how to check emails if anyone's interested.

Braden Hoagland

Braden made the website and pretends that he helps in other ways. He's supposedly involved in registration. He spent a long time putting an easter egg on the website and really hopes someone finds it.

Sean Gibbons

Sean is running a Pyhton/Finch workshop for middle schoolers and a Java workshop for high schoolers. Sean's also the poor soul who's had to manage the budget for HackBI. RIP Sean.

Alex Winstanley

Alex is in charge of the middle school competition this year. We're sorry in advance.

Emily Roddy

Emily supports fundraising efforts for HackBI. She'll also be leading a workshop as a Girls Who Code representative.

Patrick Riley

No one really knows what Patrick does, but he got an A on his last CS test. Congrats, bud.

Will Mueller

Will's in charge of outreach and social media because he's the only one who remembers the Twitter password.

Peter Murphy

Peter is the founder and president of the Coding Club at Bishop Ireton, but I'm putting him last on this list and he can't stop me. He's responsible for most of the graphic design materials for HackBI and is leading the JavaScript and Lua workshops.

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