Meet the HackBI II Team

Patrick Riley

Patrick thinks he is Czar of Hack BI, and don't tell him otherwise. He tried hanging out with seniors but now just chills with dead fish instead.

William Mueller

Will helps run everything as Vice Czar. Alas he will never be Jared. His easter egg isn't as good as Brady's either.

Lilly Winstanley

Lilly is one of the most important members of the team. She takes notes during our meetings so everyone else remembers what they are supposed to be doing. She doesn't have a photo anymore because she tried to get us into a copyright suit.

AnneMarie Caballero

AnneMarie will be hosting an Android Studio workshop, but not as a girl, no, but as a girl who codes.

Franky Padilla Coo

Franky is helping with the adult volunteers. Get her mad, and all the adults will give you the evil eye for the whole night.

Mia Olson

Mia is helping out with merch. You're all supposed to get some, but don't feel sad if you don't.

Matthew Grillo

Matthew is in charge of prizes. If they are based on The Wiggles, blame him. He's an avid fan.

Max Dodson

Max wanted this photo to be a candid. It isn't and he isn't.

Wali Shaikh

Wali is in charge of food. You might want to bring your own, just in case.

David Burdick

David is helping out with prizes. Please win or he will take them home.

Gaby Garcia

Gaby will be running a photo booth at the hackathon. Ask her to play french horn while she takes your photo. It'll help you smile.

Critter Johnson

Critter was lazy and didn't send in a photo for this so I had to put a meme instead. Make sure to go up to him and ask him how his AWS workshop is. Also, say 'Hey Alexa'.

Joseph Moore

Joseph takes photos and videos or something. Ask for something Monday, and he'll be sure to get it to you by the next Saturday. Maybe.

Bella Carruci

Bella helps run social media. Like her posts and she'll make sure to ignore yours.

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